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#9. Black Friday Wrap-Up: Insights and Outcomes at Overtracking

Two Mondays ago, Elsa shared our plan to achieve €9,700 in sales on Black Friday (you can read it here). Today, I want to share the final results and what I think we could have done better.

Let’s get straight to the point: we sold 69 out of 100 lifetimes and made €6,689.55, falling short of our goal by about €3,000.

What happened? 🤔

As we mentioned in the previous post, our strategy was to create a landing page for pre-sale sign-ups, and we captured 226 users there. To attract these 226 users, we did the following:

  1. Sent out to our own database.
  2. Posted on X, LinkedIn, and my Telegram channels and groups.
  3. Got a mention in
  4. Our friends at TrueRanker (rank tracker) invited their users to sign up. Thanks, Javi and Sergio!

After capturing these users, we held off until Friday before opening the promotion. In past years, I always ran Black Friday from Wednesday to Friday and did quite well, once making over €200,000 in 3 days. That said, I don’t understand people who say they don’t want to do BF with an online project and don’t do anything out of respect for old users.

To keep our existing customers happy, we gave them the chance to pay the difference and get their lifetime just like everyone else. If they paid €69.50 for the annual plus plan, they could pay €27 more to upgrade to lifetime.

This time, as I said, I wanted to do a real Black Friday, only on Friday.

Riding the Black Friday Wave🏄‍♀️

Just before launching, I noticed an issue with the Cuentica API we use to generate invoices automatically. If I entered €97 as the price, it would error out and not work, but at €96.95, it worked fine… so we had to make a last-minute price change.

We sent one email in the morning around 8:30 and then another around 12:00.

Within minutes we had billed over €1,000, but then it started to deflate.


Of the 226 pre-sale sign-ups, 97 did NOT open the email. And of those who did open it, NOT everyone bought it. I expected this, which is why we aimed for more than 100, but it wasn’t enough. First mistake: next time, to sell 100 lifetimes, I’ll try to get more than 400 sign-ups… Better to overshoot than fall short.

To compensate, we also notified users who hadn’t signed up, and Elsa privately contacted many users on X who had expressed interest in trying Overtracking, informing them about the available lifetime for that day.

Results 👇

✅ As I mentioned, we made 69 sales, but interestingly, most were from NEW users who hadn’t even tried Overtracking before.

✅ We gained 50 new registrations.

✅ We kept current customers happy.

✅ We earned over €6,000 to reinvest in Overtracking and continue developing the 100% SCALABLE v2.0, which will allow us to grow faster.Imagen

Extra Cyber Monday 🔥

Since we didn’t sell all 100, today we’re opening sales for the remaining 31 for Cyber Monday.

If you want to buy your lifetime license, you can do it today using this link.

Once we reach 100, there won’t be any more until Black Friday 2024.

Next Steps

Next Monday, we’ll conclude the first season of the series ‘From ZERO to a MILLION with Overtracking.’ In the last post, we’ll provide a fully transparent recap of income, expenses, investments, marketing actions, and results…

How much did we pay Lord Draugr for his video appearance? How much money have I put in? What results are we seeing from X Ads with €10 a day…?

We’ll answer these questions and more next Monday. Subscribe to the blog to not miss out.

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