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#4. How do we get leads with DMs in X

Hello! I’m Elsa (@ElsaOVT), CMO of Overtracking πŸ™Œ

We have reached 1,000 registered users on Overtracking this week πŸ₯³. Some of those registrations are thanks to the strategy we have carried out in X.

Mario has asked me to tell you what we are doing to get leads through X and, since I’m the one who primarily communicates with you, I’m here to share our strategy and its results to date. To be honest, some of the results have been quite surprising πŸ’«

In total, I have contacted 900 people since September. That makes an average of 25 people contacted per day although this has not been the case every day. Some days there have been 100 or 50 and others, although very few, none.

Our strategy πŸš€

First, we segmented the users, then we personalized the message and after a month we analyzed the results obtained.


We realized that we had targets with different degrees of interest, which forced us to communicate with them in different ways. We divided the audience into 3 groups:

  • Users who had participated in a raffle we ran but had not won
  • Users who followed us on X
  • Users who did not follow us (with this group, we were going blindly)


For each audience group, we created a personalized message, taking into account the degree of interest shown by the users of each of them:

  • For users who had entered a raffle but had not won, we offered a free 90-day code as a thank-you for participating.
  • For users who followed us, we encouraged them to try Overtracking and gave them another discount code to encourage action. In addition, I offered to resolve any type of doubt both through the Overtracking account and mine with the aim of dispelling any doubts that were holding them back from trying the tool.
  • For users who weren’t following us, we sent a much shorter, non-spammy message simply asking if they would like to try Overtracking for free.

Results πŸ”₯

After a month, we analyzed 100 results from each group and this is what we found. πŸ‘€

Users who had participated in a raffle and followed us

31% responded to the DMs and of these, 38% ended up registering.

Users who followed us on X

24% responded to the DMs and of these, 21% ended up registering.

Users who did NOT follow us

23% responded to the DMs and of these, 20% ended up registering.

TOTAL results (grouping all):

  • 26% respond to direct messages if we offer them to try Overtracking for free.
  • One in every four respondents eventually registers for the tool.
  • In total, of all the messages sent until they are registered, the conversion rate is 6%. Of every 100 messages sent, 6 end up being registered.
  • Of the 900 messages sent we have achieved 54 registered users.

However, out of the 54 registered users, we have not generated any revenue as of yet. Many are trying the 90-day free code and others have not added their website, so we have to wait to see the financial results.

Feel free to share this post and leave your comments if you found it valuable. πŸ™Œ

In addition to this action we are carrying out many more; We have sponsored a very famous YouTuber, we are investing €10 a day in X Ads, and many more things… In future chapters of the series “From zero to a million” we will tell you EVERYTHING.

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