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#6. We start from scratch.

October has been Overtracking’s best month to date:

βœ… 1005.08€ turnover,

βœ… 397 new users,

βœ… 394 websites added,

βœ… 6,200,000 page views tracked with the tool.

This data confirms what I already believed: there is a market, there is a demand, there is a need for an alternative to Google Analytics and we have a product that fits the market very well.

But here is the problem, the foundation on which we have built the Overtracking MVP is no longer viable.

We have many things to improve and many other things to add and this foundation is slowing us down more than we would like.

For example, for any normal website, Overtracking works great, but for the big websites (between 60-100k pageviews/day) that are coming in, it is slow. Every filter they add, and every stat they try to look at takes 4 seconds to load.

We can’t generate a million euros with a tool that’s slow for big accounts.

Also, one of the things I want to do is improve the free plan and give it more capacity. I want those users to be able to add a few more websites and use the tool for free until their websites are profitable, and they can pay the €6.95 that Overtracking’s cheapest plan costs with the income from their websites.

And to improve the free plan and make the big sites load super fast, we need to improve the whole base of the project.

For these two main reasons, we will be doing everything “from scratch”.

We will have up to 8 servers running at the same time, so if one goes down, the others will continue to work. We’ll have everything segregated so that if one goes down, it doesn’t affect the rest. And all of this will be GDPR compliant and hosted in Europe.

It doesn’t mean the project will stop. It just means that the improvements we’re making will be ready in Overtracking 2.0.

Some of the things that will change:

  1. Web traffic analysis will be zero-cookies only.
  2. The dashboard will include more metrics, such as bounce rate and average time on page, and will be very similar to the old Google Analytics.
  3. It will be easy to distinguish traffic by channel (social, direct, referral, organic…).
  4. The heatmap will be separate and users will be able to install or uninstall it at will. We will also improve it to make it more useful.
  5. Everything will load faster.

What will not change:

  1. Installation will be just as easy.
  2. The interface will be just as intuitive and simple.
  3. Prices will not increase in the short term.

And how are paying for all this extra work in the short term?

With a very TOP campaign that we will launch on Black Friday for all users. You will receive it in a few days and we will announce it on this blog next Monday.

What do you think of all this? Are you ready to be part of Overtracking 2.0? πŸ™Œ

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